Why joy?

AllegriaWhere is it that JOY resides?
First, in never looking back. Second, in never looking forward. Now. Here. This is the only place you can access joy.
And why this thing called Joy? Why make it so important above all things?
Joy is the spiritual lubricant. It is the gift that brings assistance in all things, all endeavours. It is the motivating force in life. How can you achieve anything if it is not motivated by joy?
At first, joy may seem a chore. As you awaken from your slumber it may seem impossible to feel good about anything. It may seem that joy is a frivolous and useless emotion. BUT, in truth it is joy that is feared the most because it is the most powerful feeling of them all. In truth you are terrified of something so raw and generous and pervasive, of letting so much light in. It is better to remain miserable and cynical and doubtful for that is the place in the shadows, the safety of the darkness.
Once you declare your love for joy, and stand in the full and brilliant light, joy is everywhere! Joy begets joy! There is no release from its powerful grasp – there is no looking back and looking forward. There is only deep gratitude for this very second. For this is the answer, the key to accessing joy in this moment. Rejoice! Be deeply grateful and you will feel the joy pour forth. You will be brought to your knees by joy’s awesome power as the love you hide away breaks free and washes over your entire body, unshackles the ties, liberates your soul from its enslavement. You will be the bringer of light. You are this!
Allow God’s gracious light to flood the world in its most magnificent manifestation, that of the joy of the light of the world. Rejoice and all else falls away. You are in love with the world and the world cannot help but love you.
Release all else. Make joy your true home. It is the language of the soul. How many times must you hear, life was not meant to be a struggle! Free yourself with joy!
Be that powerful truth and you will see in the light that joy has been maligned only to keep you in prison. It is the secret of the world. YOU ARE BORN TO BE JOYFUL! What a secret! Share that joy with the world and set yourself free.
November 10, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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