Yes, things will have to change…and one month without booze


Stone cold sober and loving it

When you take steps towards living more fully in remembrance of yourself as a Soul having a human journey, the energy around you shifts and swirls and the Universe gets super excited. It wants you to remember this eternal truth because everyone single one of us needs to remember in order for real change to take place. Your journey is a important and vital as Adam and Eve’s or even Jesus’ for that matter. To the Universe you are just as precious and your remembrance is just as vital.

So, yes, you make change and the Universe comes rushing forth, clapping and cheering and raining more brilliant change upon you. This of course can be absolutely terrifying. You might have made a deal with yourself, something like:

I’ll meditate every other day and on alternate days I’ll sleep in.

The Universe hears only your commitment to communion with the Divine (not the alternate sleep-in thing) and suddenly you find you can’t sleep on those every other days and really crave the communication of your meditation, and how it sets you up for expansive wonder. You give in and become an everyday meditator (and just watch the magnificent changes role in then!).

I recently decided to reaffirm my commitment to a path of service and to ‘outing’ myself as a spiritual being in a big way. This was huge for me and I was super proud of myself. And OF COURSE this meant that the Universe heeded my call and even though I had decided I could be as human as I liked when I wasn’t walking the path of service (irony, yes) it had other ideas.

The long and the short of it is I have made a radical life change and one I could not have even contemplated 6 weeks ago. I have given up alcohol. Today marks one month since I began a journey that I have determined is 12 months long (but once again the Universe probably has other ideas). I love drinking and have love socialising, and have previously used alcohol to try (and fail) to manage stress. But on my birthday this year I woke up with absolute certainty that I was to give up drinking alcohol. And since then I haven’t had a moment of doubt. For me and the path I am choosing to walk, the drinking and the healing arts just don’t work together.

I want to be the clearest possible channel to the voice of the Universe that I can be and so when I put that intention out into the Universe, everything started to change. This just the way it works. It is the exact same for you. And it’s an incredibly positive sign that you are in the flow of your life.

The next step of course is having courage to take action around the things you are being so graciously guided towards.

December 17, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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