You gotta have a plan, man. My top 3 tips to getting it done.



So this is unofficially part two in how to access your creative force as a writer. And we are all writers. Yesterday we went through a process to connect you to FLOW. The Soul Zone is most definitely where you want to be writing from to keep the flow coming. When you write from this space it feels so good. But even the Soul Zone needs a map or you’re bound to get lost in beautiful, directionless ramblings.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer without discipline is no writer at all (at least not a very widely read one). Discipline doesn’t have to be hard and punitive. It can in fact be liberating to have structure and support around what you do. If you have writing project you want to complete, you need a map.

Before you begin to write, make a plan. This can seem even more daunting than just writing, but in fact this phase of exploration can be done in flow just as much as the writing itself.

There are some many possible ways to map yourself into the Soul Zone and as such, free flowing writing. Much of it will depend on what you are writing. Here are my top 3 for guiding your writing soul to successful flow:

  1. Research your topic and allow yourself to follow unexpected pathways. This is akin to asking for guidance from the Universe. Be curious and open and allow yourself to be surprised. For example, you might be intending to write an historical fiction about a 12th Century Prince. But as you research, you come across a description of a monastery hidden in the mountains somewhere. As you read, a character presents himself to you –  a monk, or a knight or a traveller. He is so fully formed and feels so ‘present’ that you know you must write this story. You can stick to your original plan of course but there is a good chance that when this kind of offer is made by your intuitive guidance, you should listen up!
  2. Break it down scene by scene. Write the story you are telling in a scene by scene format including location, characters, the problem encountered and how it got worse). This is applicable even if you are writing a memoir. Remember, you need a narrative arc and you need to progress the story no matter the genre. Try it. You might be surprised at how helpful this is in structuring your writing.
  3. Write to your audience. You can even place them in the room right there with you and read out loud as you complete a page or section of your text. So who is your audience? You might want to imagine the whole world reading what you write but if you do your research or are writing from experience you’ll have a good idea of who your target market is. When you zone in on this, draw that energy into the room with you and make their presence real to you. This will keep you powerfully on message.

Keep writing!

May 4, 2015

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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