Your car is a measure of your soul

A few days ago I opened my glove box in search of my car’s manual. I needed to pump up my car’s tyres and wasn’t sure of the psi. Amongst the general clutter, and beneath the manual, I found an unexpected book. White Eagle’s Beautiful Road Home (White Eagle Publishing Trust) was sitting patiently in the glove box, waiting for me to find it. I do not know how or when it got there but I was thrilled to see it, and I knew I had to read it at once. Within hours of putting my son to bed that night I had almost finished the slim volume. It was so important for me to read that book that night and to feel the words seep into my soul, shifting and changing the very cellular consciousness of my being.

My tyres, it turned out, were ridiculously in need of air. I had been driving around on half-empty tyres (The synchronicity of finding that out was also magnificently created)! I am in no doubt that the state of our cars and other inanimate objects around us, communicate with the us the things we would otherwise not take the time to see. In tending to my car I was directed to tend also to my Soul. And in reading the words of White Eagle, I pumped some much needed air into my heavy spirit. I had been going along that way for so long, that it was not until I stopped to be transformed by those words that I realised I was not in the best possible state.

Pay heed to your needs, your niggles, the problems with your car. The universe is always talking to you, trying to make your life a little easier. We interpret those problems as yet one more thing to deal with in our already too busy day. But perhaps, in taking time to talk to that problem, to sit with the breakdowns and the leaks and the flat tyres, we may find a deeper meaning in ourselves, or a piece of our soul calling out for some assistance.

There are no accidents, but synchronicity is working at all times. Before reacting negatively to a situation ask, ‘What brought me to this place? What do I need to know from this situation?’ Beyond the practical (take better care of your car’s tyres!) may lie the ephemeral (take better care of your soul).

In deepest gratitude,
Ricci-Jane and The Divine Sisterhood

In order to avoid copyright infringement I have not reproduced any of White Eagle’s words here. Go to for more on his teachings and books.

November 20, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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