Your crisis is just another way of avoiding yourself

mind, body, spirit, soul and youSo, you know how it goes. Went on an amazing, life-changing, heart-opening, soul-cleansing retreat and spent 9 days in total bliss. Returned to Oz with all of the best intentions to create a better life, a more peaceful home, a ridiculously happy marriage, and the most balanced children ever.

And then the crisis struck. And the old behaviour set in. And the best way to deal with it all seemed to bury my head in the sand and ignore it. Especially the whole relationship part. And all the while I am thinking, Why can’t life be like yoga retreat? Why is all this sh*t going down just when I am so clearly moving into a deeper and fuller understanding of myself? Why is the Universe trying to keep me from my peace?!

Lightbulb moment! (albeit a severely delayed lightbulb moment – it was numerous weeks post-retreat before I got it). And in fact it was two lightbulb moments.

1) This ‘crisis’ is happening precisely because I am evolving. When you start to move the emotional habits that have kept you limited, the ego will rush forward to invent new false realities to try and keep you down. It’s simple. You will be most challenged when you are ready to let go of the big stuff. It doesn’t have to work that way but it often does, mostly because we human beings believe there has to be some kind of price paid for our happiness. When we let go of this belief then the evolutionary steps in your soul’s journey will be joyful.

2) There is nothing that is not spiritual. Here I am judging yoga retreat as this place of great spiritual value, and everyday domestic life as the things keeping me from my spirituality. This is so not true. In fact almost the opposite is true. It is easy to be ‘spiritual’ when you are removed from the demands of the world and being waited upon hand and foot. This is not real life, not for me anyway, but it is important to have time out from the demands of life. It is essential in fact. But the real work of the soul takes place in and amongst the distractions, demands and joys of running a home, holding down a job, parenting, socialising, falling in and out of love etc etc etc. This is life.

This is life and there is a very good reason we have created it this way. There isn’t one reason, of course. There is around 7 billion reasons. Everyone’s reality is as individual as they are even when they are living the exact same life as the person standing next to them. And the reason for this is because your life is a hand-crafted, simply perfect curriculum designed by you to facilitate maximum spiritual growth in this lifetime. There is nothing that is not spiritual after all, so no matter if you are washing the dishes or writing a spiritual text, you are doing the work of the Divine. Don’t avoid it. Just bring that perspective to it. You are always serving your highest soul purpose. Always.

September 30, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.

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