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Card #1 -Universal Christ Card #2 Perception Card #3 Little Children

Here’s the meaning of the cards for your free reading…

Card #1 – Universal Christ.

This card means for you…Awaken! Awake, awake, awake. Yes, we’re going to keep saying it as long as can draw breath. Now you can go on ignoring this message if you like but the awakening in you is going to happen anyway and the more you ignore the obvious change that is coming, the harder it will be. So we say, please get on board. You are clinging to an imaginary life that you think you can’t live without but that is just so not true. You are simply delaying your own life. And look who has shown up to usher you into the next steps…Only the greatest, wisest Master of them all. Universal Christ has nothing to do with religion or any logical thinking you’ve got around the idea of Jesus. Universal Christ is like Buddha. BIG DEAL STUFF and this energy is here with you now saying, ‘Let’s begin’. You are so so so blessed and all you have to do is show up. So stop clinging to the imaginary and get on board with the joy of what’s awaiting you.

Card #2 – Perception.

It’s our core belief here at Lightworker Institute and pretty much anywhere else you look, spiritually speaking, that shifting perception is the single most powerful thing you can do. EVER. You are creating your reality right now from a very limited place filled with bad dreams and small thoughts and downright dirty old fear. You use this lense to make up your mind about the life you are living and then get really down when things don’t get better. We invite you out of the fear cave and into the light filled space of reality. The dark dream can be over now if you choose to put down the perception through which you’re currently looking at the world. Sounds good, why not? In fact you’re more attached to this crappy view of the world than you realise. Why? Because you’ll have to take FULL responsibility for everything around you if you give up the fear googles. You are ready.

Card #3 – Little Children.

Why did you pick this card you wonder? Children in your life or not it seems pretty mundane and dull. No, in fact this card is the most powerful thing you could have chosen at this time. And no we aren’t talking in gentle metaphors about your inner child. This is actually about the state of the world and your place in it. You have a very practical capacity to do something for the little children around you at this time. The vulnerable in the world are suffering terribly at this time and this card is in fact a call to arms for you. There is at least one child in your life who will benefit greatly from you offering love, patience, time, support, kindness. Why does this matter? Because a generational shift needs to take place to birth the new heaven on earth and the children are the guardians of that time. You can transform the life of a child in your care or in your community and in so doing shift the consciousness of the entire planet. It sounds absurd but it is the single most powerful thing you can do this day or this month or this year to ensure the dawning of the new age. Let the children know LOVE so that love can be born anew on this planet.

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December 29, 2014

Dr Ricci-Jane Adams

Intuition Expert. Lightworker Institute Director.


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